09 November 2009

Google's and Bing's anniversary priorities

Of course, it's Google's prerogative to be idiosyncratic. And no doubt Sesame Street has been massively influential on many of Google's doodlers (I love The Count, and the doodle's clever). But today was such a significant anniversary for Europe. You'd have thought they might have noted it.

Bing did (at least in the UK) with a stunning picture of the Reichstag interior. Although there was something rather blue and Microsoft-ish about it.

I'm not really sure they fared better in Germany. Bit of a cliché. Hopefully too busy celebrating to notice.

Most of the rest of the world saw the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, apparently called Sue, in Chicago's Field Museum. Maybe a way of putting our historical European troubles in to perspective?

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