16 May 2008

Talking up Kindle

TechCrunch reported Citigroup's positive analysis of Kindle, comparing it to other ebook readers. I was surprised. I hadn't really been aware of its impact being so positive. Same for TechCrunch's commenters. I liked the comment by someone called Paul: 'I’ll believe this piece of horsecrap about the kindle Dean Kaman makes some money on the aweful [sic] segway.' Actually I think this is a bit harsh on the Kindle, and the comments from people who actually own Kindles are instructive about their benefits (try before buy, books on demand, carrying a huge volume of print with no weight). There are also one or two comments on design details that could be improved.

If they were available here (in the UK) it would go on my list of digital treats. The idea of getting newspapers on subscription appeals, although there is an advantage to traditional paper newspapers, especially in a house with kids: the paper is visible, and can be looked at together, an invitation to the next generation to develop a newspaper habit; and a constant source of lining paper for the rabbit hutch.

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