04 July 2010

Cory Doctorow's technology

I love this post by Cory Doctorow, detailing his current technology suite. Why? I suppose the user researcher in me is always going to be intrigued by people's choices, their work processes, the person behind the public persona etc., but it's probably more neurosis about the decisions I've made.

I'll take some tips, and also some reassurance on a couple of things e.g. my attachment (still) to email. Regarding the blog trawling I currently do by cycling through a series of tabs (which I think is really inefficient), Cory does it too. Erm, but with a slight difference in quantity (and, not suprisingly, quality of results):

"I have a couple hundred sites in a folder that I open as a series of tabs a couple times a day, quickly zipping through them after they’ve loaded to see if anything new has been posted."


[via BoingBoing]

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