21 January 2010

Younger and older extremes of media consumption

Kaiser Family Foundation have reported an in increase in digital media consumption by young people (8-18) over the past five years due, it seems, to media access on mobile devices. Digital multi-tasking (usually music, computer and TV) increases the number of hours racked up, with an average of 10.75 hours consumption packed into 7.5 hours. TV viewing on TVs has slipped slightly but increased overall through viewing on computers and phones.

(As an aside, a phenomenom I've noticed is digital 'infill.' If the stream of watching or listening broadcast media is interrupted by advertising young people immediately surf to get the best alternative content. It's irritating for their parents, but then you wonder what is their attachment to the interrupting ads?)

At the other end of the spectrum Pew Research Centre has found that older people lag significantly behind the rest of the population in internet access: 38% of over 65s use the internet compared to an overall average of 74%.

[Kaiser data via Putting People First; Pew data via John Naughton]

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