27 August 2009

More on phone boxes

In today's Guardian, Victor Keegan considers potential uses for defunct phone boxes, having tweeted to get readers' suggestions. He mentions that BT are currently running a competition for ideas for alternative uses for phone boxes. Ironically the best suggestion that Keegan collected was to turn the kiosks into Skype or Fon points (suggestion by Phil Slade). Keegan writes:

"This is a brilliant idea because it does several things at once. Technologically, it provides a magic bridge for the red kiosks to use their existing copper wires to move from the analogue into the digital age and, socially, it would provide free internet telephone calls for anyone, including the poor (as long as the person at the other end is hooked up to a web telephone). It could also be a base enabling the kiosk to expand into other digital areas – not least to become a base station to get broadband to remote parts of the country. Great idea. But it won't win a competition organised by BT, will it?"

Sadly, he's probably right.

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