04 February 2009

What user experience design is/is not

A post by Whitney Hess on Mashable, lists some common misconceptions about user experience design. According to Hess's account of writing the piece she put it together by sending Twitter DMs to people she thought would have answers to the question '“What do you consider to be the biggest misconception about user experience design?” and within a couple of days had a wide-ranging set of responses which she has collated into a neat list of ten. A key theme emerging from the article is that working on user experience isn't just one sequence of processes, but that different approaches and tools are needed according to the design problem and that good user experiences are created by bringing together different skills.

Elsewhere Jesse James Garrett is interviewed by Theresa Brazen and gives the inverse to Hess's account, by describing what user experience design is.

Via Putting People First

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