18 May 2008

User-centred architecture

Interesting to note in the light of my comment yesterday on Barratt's new zero emission homes, that today is the 125th anniversary of Walter Gropius, whose influence resulted in much atruistic, but nevertheless inhuman, architecture. Looking at Google's Doodle for today I wondered if the edifice in front of the buildings was a collapsed human, worn down by the stress of living in a Bauhaus unit.

Thinking more about my comments yesterday I suppose part of my disappointment at Barratt's entry into green housing is their proposal's contrast to the excitement of the Peabody Trust's 2002 BedZed project.

This picture comes from BedZed resident, Paul Miller. As far as I know, six years on, the project is still a success, although I don't know the details of how it works for its residents.

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