09 June 2011

Viral whiteboards on the Tube

Going Underground has been documenting the recent spate of philosophical thoughts appearing on the Tube's service information whiteboards (including the homage to information design, above, captured by Tom Philips).

My favourite, though, expresses a somewhat more down-to-earth sentiment (picture by Blake Conolly):

Legibility not great but it says: Tomorrow may be Friday but there will be NO mention of that Rebecca Black song here.

In 1993, I worked on a Customer Information Strategy for London Underground, aimed at improving the organisation's communication, across all media, with its customers. When we recommended, then, improving the use of whiteboards, this wasn't quite what we had in mind. But that was back in those austere days before Pyne and Gilmour. (Nice to see, though, Oval making such good use of the ruled whiteboards, which we endorsed because they improved the legibility of hand-written messages. Not so sure about the gothic script.)

For even more whiteboard 'experience', see here. 

[via David Woodward on Facebook]

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