31 January 2011

From Design of Understanding (Choosing communication channnels)

Chris Heathcote's presentation from Design of Understanding is here. I like his comment, slide 10, on the 26 options for communication his iPhone presents, 'humans are great at understanding just the right way to communicate with the right person in the right context'. Individuals, yes, mostly; organisations, less so.

Eva-Lotta Lamm's sketches capture the talks from the conference. Some of the sketches are easy to read to a non-attender (probably partly depending on the clarity of the speaker's argument).

As an aside on sketch notes, I've commented before on the distraction of real-time sketching for talks (note Eva-Lotta's are not real-time); more recently, note the distracting animations for Jimmy Wales' talk on The State of Wikipedia. Maybe I have had too much training as a radio listener but the content is interesting enough without the accompanying visual stream...and competing sound track. In this case not 'just the right way to communicate'.

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