05 October 2009

Design (and context) cue the wrong behaviour

Design Sojourn spotted how the design of this vertical hand dryer cues the wrong response as people use it for discarded paper towels. No mouldings or information graphics to cue the correct response (as in Dyson's version). In fact the product name Clean Dry could almost suggest this is where you put used paper towels.
One of the people commenting on Design Sojourn's posting notes that they find it awkward putting their hands vertically into a dryer. I wonder. I think it's the action of putting your hand into an aperture that puts some people off. At least this way you can see your hands. With a horizontal aperture, you can't. Wouldn't be able to see into the dryer to clean it properly either. Presumably with the vertical arrangement gravity assists the process of blowing water off your hands. And a vertical form doesn't intrude so far into the roomspace.

[via Futurelab]

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