15 September 2009

Uninterpretable data on phone access to web advertising

Web advertising company Chitika have published data showing that people are only half as likely to access advertising from mobile phones than from computers. OK. Less easy to interpret is that click through is lower on iPhones than on other operating systems.

In contrast their data confirm other findings that there is more web browsing on iPhones than on other handsets:

So, what explains these strange results? Well, the advertising content tested wasn't particularly tailored to mobile use: none of the context-based offers that typically tempt mobile users. So that explains the main trend in computer access.

On the iPhone versus other handset issue ,it could be that the facility for focusing Safari on the content you are interested in screens out advertising, although some Techcrunch commentators modestly conclude iPhone users are just more discerning than users of other systems. Altogether, hard to interpret.

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