08 September 2009

Mobile web in learning

Round up post on Putting People First of articles on the role of mobile phones in learning, mostly, but not exclusively, in developing countries. The lead article, by Abjihit Kadle, on mobile learning in India makes the point that as devices converge, so will e-learning and m-learning.


  1. Something that I'm not too happy about: service that puts education and astrology on the same mobile screen. Wouldn't the lesser educated be more inclined to really believe in horoscopes? (Or is it just my stereotypical view?) See http://symbian.avinashrathod.com/2008/12/mera-nokia.html

  2. Interesting point. I guess there's an appetite for horoscopes and Nokia are meeting it. The ethics of providing horoscopes. That's a topic!

    Having worked on phone navigation projects (as I'm sure you have too) all sorts of things get lumped together in order to produce shorter menus (which make the interface look cleaner but often produce problems for users as they search for things under menus that don't help them navigate). You might argue, logically, that agriculture and ringtones should be separated out too. In fact agriculture (which I believe is an information service) probably fits best with horoscopes, education and ringtones sit, separately, somewhere on their own.