01 June 2009


Have just tried out Microsoft's new search engine, Bing. For the searches I tried (no, not Susan Boyle) it worked very well, although produced different results to Google. (I'm not in a position to make a technical comparison here, although a comment at Techcrunch notes that Bing searches are likely to be inferior to Google's because it doesn't have the same amount of information indexed.) An omission for me is the ability to filter results by date (easily sorted though).

I was surprised by the impact of its design. In an appeal to the heart as well as the mind Microsoft have combined the visual clarity of Google with evocative photography. It will be interesting to see how that evolves (one could, for example, imagine some personalisation of the images used). I hope they can maintain that freshness. As Techcrunch points out Yahoo must be asking themselves again why they didn't accept Microsoft's offer last year.

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