05 February 2009

Unhealthy eating

Boing Boing publishes the recipe for the 'winning' food in Men's Health's listing of the worst food in America. It's a Baskin Robbins Large Choc Oreo Shake. And its contents are mind-boggling.

In a rather long-winded, good in parts, children's game the British Heart Foundation shows the fat intake resulting from consuming a chocolate bar and pack of crisps every day for a year, then sends a 12-year-old, loaded with this fat, round a mini-assault course. Very graphic and horribly fascinating. Tested on one 13-year-old.

(Another part of the BHF game demonstrates how manufacturers use offers and competitions to boost sales and garner personal information from customers. My research participant was less convinced by this message, but it's still a point worth making.)

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