09 February 2009

Big brands' use of social media

Useful listing on Mashable of well-knowns brands' forays into social media, some very sophisticated. It's worth remembering, though, that all these brands (Dell, Blendtec, Burger King etc.) have customers who live their lives without any engagement with social media. Obviously their customer segmentation will be dealing with this, but there's a potential marketing digital divide here.

An aside: I looked at Burger King's somewhat tasteless 'Whoppervirgins.com' video (screen shot above), where people who have never eaten burgers before, i.e. who live in very poor countries, are filmed having their first taste of a BK 'Whopper'. After watching the vignette of 'Marylin, Independent Researcher', I expected Sacha Baron-Cohen to appear at any moment.

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