06 January 2009

Slowing up on-line banking

Whilst looking at different bank accounts today (has to be done from time to time) I was struck by the first screen displayed by The Abbey, giving reassurance about the security offered by the bank. To get to any real information I had to click (bottom right).

I know times are uncertain but am not sure how the reassurance provided in this message weighs up against the irritation of having to click through to an additional page. And since it's impossible to log on from this page, registered users have to click through this sequence every time they access their account. I'm all for adding steps to interactions when they add clarity for users but this is the equivalent of an over-long preamble on a voice menu system.

Compare, for example, the web site of Abbey's sister bank, Alliance and Leicester (they're both owned by Bank Santander).

Not particularly aesthetic but cuts to the chase.

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