16 January 2009

Playmobil Security Check Point

Bizarre choice of toy scenario. Seems to have elicited some creativity in the Amazon customer reviews, e.g.:

Changed my life "I will never need to buy toothpaste again thanks to Playmobil. Not realizing this was a toy I purchased it to prepare for my interview as a TSA agent. Needless to say I aced it and have been happily viewing xrays of carry-on luggage and shoes ever since. As noted above, the free toothpaste is just icing on the cake - never expected a free lifetime supply, but who's complaining. This is a "must-have" for any aspiring TSA agent out there."

Note customers who viewed the check point also viewed Playmobil's Safe Cracker kit. I've always admired Playmobil for high quality toys that often challenge stereotypes but then, uh-oh, explored further and found the Dad with Barbecue kit!

Security Check Point via Rebekah K. on Brighton New Media List, 15 Jan.

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