30 November 2008

Etre Touchy Gloves

The Touchy Glove (thumb and index finger missing) gets a write-up in this weekend's FT magazine (no link), a lovely Christmas present for its inventor, Simon Griffin. The thing I like about the story of the glove is that, rather like the Post-it, it came about because an individual saw an opportunity for something that would help him personally; but now it looks as though it may be used beyond its original, intended application. Apparently Metropolitan Police forensics team have bought them and though they were intended for the precision of iPhone use, almost anyone who wants to retain some dexterity whilst keeping their hands warm (even using a normal pen) would find them tempting. Not cheap, though, at £14.99 (incl p&p) a pair.

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  1. Anonymous11:04 am

    Thanks for posting about us! Not sure if you've seen this already, but you can read the full story of how Etre Touchy came about on our site (i.e. an extended version of what was printed in the FT).

    In addition to forensics teams, our gloves are also proving to be popular with anglers, archers, marksmen, photographers and journos - all of which are uses we had never anticipated!