18 March 2006

It's Concorde

The results of the BBC Culture Show's poll for its viewers' favourite example of British design were announced on Thursday (I mentioned the poll last Monday). Perhaps unsurprising that Concorde (note the French final 'e'!) won.

In yesterday's Guardian Jonothan Glancey mentioned that 211,792 votes were cast in the poll, compared to a 188,311 in a similar poll, conducted by Radio 4 last year, to find the 'Greatest Painting in Britain' (won by Turner's The Fighting Temeraire). I wonder who votes in these competitions (not in any sense of superiority but because it would be interesting to know whether there were patterns in the profiles of the voters and the selections they made). And in view of Google's recent report of the increasing number of hours people spend on the web and reduced amount watching TV I wonder whether the voting was prompted by the TV programme, or virally via the web.

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